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Only when the tail finally appeared did Milo spring into action. Lunging onto all fours, he seized the tail with both hands. The snake clearly did not anticipate this and its long body shuddered with apprehension. Milo stood and began to move backward.

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“Eli!” he screamed, louder and in a higher pitch than he intended. “Eli! I got it.” Milo was hurrying now as the thing formed a U with its body, its eyes locked on Milo. “Eli!”

Once the entire body was clear of the vegetation, Milo realized it was far bigger than he had estimated. Even if he managed to run backward all the way to the truck, the giant python would eventually get him in its grip if Eli didn’t respond. It was too late to go for the flare gun, and the backpack had slid down his arm and was caught where his hands were locked on to the snake. “Eli!” he shrieked with renewed intensity.

From the other side of the hammock, Eli lumbered with great alacrity into the melee. “I’m going for the head!” he yelled excitedly.

Even in Milo’s elevated state of fight-or-flight, he knew Eli could not manage the head with just one hand. Worse, the head was between both men as it pursued its attacker. Suddenly, Milo let go, dropping the massive tail. But the python did not retreat. It came directly at Milo and clamped its jaws onto the backpack.

“Get its head,” Eli ordered.

Without hesitation, Milo found his hands locked...

-Exerpt from Chinese Takeout Blues - Chapter 36 "Milo's On The Job Training"



I hope you've enjoyed this exerpt from my newest book in the Blues series, Chinese Takeout Blues. It is the story of a corrupt county commissioner, a professional critter gitter and his understudy, and two foreign exchange students in pursuit of their American Dream. Just reading that description should produce some facial reaction, hopefully amusement.

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